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Mission Statement

Inside Erin is written and published by people who enjoy AIF. It is done for fun, but we also have some goals that we seek to achieve through the newsletter:

1. To encourage the production of more quality AIF games by providing advice from game developers, and by offering constructive criticism that is specifically relevant to AIF.

2. To encourage activity and growth in the AIF community. We aim to generate a constant level of activity so that there aren’t long periods in which people can lose interest in AIF.

3. To help document and organize the AIF community. This is done through reporting on games and events, as well as by helping to organize community-wide activities such as competitions and the Erin Awards.

2006 AIF Mini-comp
2006 AIF Mini-comp
Download the 2006 AIF Mini-com Now!

2006 AIF Mini-comp Winner

2006 AIF Mini-comp Results

Congratulations to A. Bomire for winning the 2006 AIF Mini-comp with his entry WWE - RAW's New GM. 

Overall Finish Results:

1. WWE – RAW’s New GM by A. Bomire
2. Detention by Inkybus
3. A Dream Come True by Purple Dragon
4. The Clairvoyant by Priapus Rex
5. Warlock by Christopher Cole
6. Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher by Rip_CPU
7. Super Blow by Herrdu
8. Neon Genesis Evangelion : Nightmares by der’morat’aman

Category: Concept/Writing

1. WWE – RAW’s New GM
2. A Dream Come True
3. Detention
4. Warlock
5. The Clairvoyant
6. Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher
7. Super Blow
8. Neon Genesis Evangelion : Nightmares

Category: Characters

1. A Dream Come True
2. The Clairvoyant
3. WWE – RAW’s New GM
4. Warlock
5. Detention
6. Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher
7. Super Blow
8. Neon Genesis Evangelion : Nightmares

Category: Technical

1. WWE – RAW’s New GM
2. Detention
3. Warlock
4. A Dream Come True
5. Super Blow
6. The Clairvoyant
7. Neon Genesis Evangelion : Nightmares 8. Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher

Category: Hotness

1. Detention
2. WWE – RAW’s New GM
3. A Dream Come True
4. The Clairvoyant
5. Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher
6. Warlock
7. Super Blow
8. Neon Genesis Evangelion : Nightmares

Category: Enjoyment

1. Detention
2. A Dream Come True
3. WWE – RAW’s New GM
4. The Clairvoyant
5. Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher
6. Warlock
7. Super Blow
8. Neon Genesis Evangelion : Nightmares

Games Entered

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Nightmares by der'morat'aman; TADS 3
  • Warlock by Christopher Cole; ADRIFT 3.9
  • Super Blow by Herrdu; Inform (Z-Code)
  • Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher by Rip_CPU; ADRIFT 3.9
  • A Dream Come True by Purple Dragon; ADRIFT 3.9
  • The Clairvoyant by Priapus Rex; ADRFIT 3.9
  • WWE - RAW's New GM by A. Bomire; TADS 2
  • Detention by Inkybus; TADS 2
Mini-comp submission rules are as follows:
  • Your game must have three or fewer rooms. Closets do not count as rooms so long as they're just places to store things. If your player is required to spend more than a couple of turns in a closet, it counts as a room.
  • Your game may have no more than one sexually active non-player character.
  • Your game may have one additional non-player character, but this character must play a strictly supporting role in the game.
  • Multimedia (images and sounds) are permitted, but may not add more than 150KB to the native (unzipped) size of the game file.
  • No part of your game can have been released to the public before the deadline.
  • Your game must be winnable.

Mini-comp submission procedures are as follows:

  • The submission deadline is Tuesday, April 4, 2006.
  • I will be available to help beta-test your game. Beta-testing is strongly encouraged.
  • I will collect the entries by e-mail and post the games on this web site. Send your entry to
  • Authors should send a walkthrough with their entry. The walkthrough will be used by comp organizers to verify the game can be won and to provide hints for players.

Voting procedures are as follows:

  • Everyone, including entrants, will be allowed to vote.
  • Voters will have approximately two weeks to play all the games and vote. The voting deadline is Friday, April 21, 2006 at 8:30 a.m. U.S. Central Time.
  • Voting will be conducted in a manner similar to that of the Erins: return a ballot marked in order of preference for each category. Votes will be counted using the instant-runoff method.
  • Discussion of games (including requests for hints) will be forbidden during the voting period.
  • Authors will not be permitted to post updates of their games during the voting period. They may post 'technical bulletins' with instructions as to how to work around bugs that are discovered. Technical bulletins must be approved by mini-comp organizers before being posted.
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