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Mission Statement

Inside Erin is written and published by people who enjoy AIF. It is done for fun, but we also have some goals that we seek to achieve through the newsletter:

1. To encourage the production of more quality AIF games by providing advice from game developers, and by offering constructive criticism that is specifically relevant to AIF.

2. To encourage activity and growth in the AIF community. We aim to generate a constant level of activity so that there aren’t long periods in which people can lose interest in AIF.

3. To help document and organize the AIF community. This is done through reporting on games and events, as well as by helping to organize community-wide activities such as competitions and the Erin Awards.

Newsletter Index: Features
The Seven Seas of Theah
by Christopher Cole

From the author that gave us such games as Camp Windy Lake and The Gamma Gals comes a swashbuckling tale of adventure, intrigue, and let's not forget sex. Follow the adventures of Magnus and Violetta and help to shape their journey as they strive to survive the dangers of the seven seas of Theah. At the end of each chapter a poll was opened, giving the reader the opportunity to vote on what they would do next.

Episode Issue PDF TXT Episode Issue PDF TXT
Episode 1 Dec-05 PDF TXT Episode 9 Oct-06 PDF TXT
Episode 2 Jan-06 PDF TXT Episode 10 Nov-06 PDF TXT
Episode 3 Feb-06 PDF TXT Episode 11 Dec-06 PDF TXT
Episode 4 Mar-06 PDF TXT Episode 12 Feb-07 PDF TXT
Episode 5 Apr-06 PDF TXT Episode 13 Mar-07 PDF TXT
Episode 6 May-06 PDF TXT Episode 14 Apr-07 PDF TXT
Episode 7 Jun-06 PDF TXT Episode 15 May-07 PDF TXT
Episode 8 Sep-06 PDF TXT

The Aphrodite Chronicles
By A. Ninny

Some of my periodic returns were triggered by great need, while other times I’ve come back for a dose of enjoyment, or simply to share myself with the world. I’ve returned when the world needed to be reminded that humans need, and needs to provide, pleasure and love. In the black times when everything having to do with sex becomes taboo – that’s when I’m needed the most. And at times like those I find myself in now, when sex begins to get too cheap, I can remind humans about the value that sex and love rightly command.

I am Aphrodite, immortal goddess of love.
Chapter Issue PDF TXT
Introduction Feb-08 PDF TXT
Chapter 1 Mar-08 PDF TXT
Chapter 2 Apr-08 PDF TXT
Chapter 3 May-08 PDF TXT
Chapter 4 Jul-08 PDF TXT

Green Summer
By A. Ninny

Imagine a game where it is possible to type in any command and get a sensible response. Instead of just typing "fuck girl" what if you could try something like "kiss her and pinch her nipples while fucking her". Sound too good to be true? In a normal AIF game it probably is but this is not a normal game.

This was an experiment in 'live' AIF. Each month A. Ninny choose a new volunteer to be the player for the month and corresponded with them via e-mail. The player sent their commands and Ninny responded to form the game as they went along. The results were not only interesting, but extremely arousing.

Chapter Issue PDF TXT
Chapter 1 Jul-06 PDF TXT
Chapter 2 Aug-06 PDF TXT
Chapter 3 Sep-06 PDF TXT
Chapter 4 Oct-06 PDF TXT
Chapter 5 Nov-06 PDF TXT

Great Moments in AIF

In this feature the newsletter takes a look back at a scene from a classic AIF game. This nostalgic visit to the past is a great reminder of some of the reasons why we are AIF fans.

Game Author Issue PDF TXT
Prom Night Sir Gareth and Christopher Cole Apr-07 PDF TXT
Ideal New England Prep School NewKid May-07 PDF TXT
Gamma Gals Christopher Cole Jun-07 PDF TXT
Moist Scarlet Herring Jul-07 PDF TXT
X-Trek Badman Aug-07 PDF TXT
Last Minute Gift A. Bomire May-08 PDF TXT

AIF Scuttlebutt

This is a feature that has only appeared a few times in the newsletter. A. Ninny keeps us informed of what is going on in the community, what games authors are working on, and when they might be ready. Take a look back on what was supposed to be happening but remember that since we live in an imperfect world, take what is said with a grain of salt. After all, I've been talking about the second chapter of my Archie series for a couple of years now and we still haven't seen Gamma Galls II.

May-05 PDF TXT
Jun-05 PDF TXT
Nov-05 PDF TXT
Mar-06 PDF TXT
Aug-06 PDF TXT
Jan-07 PDF TXT
Oct-07 PDF TXT

AIF Glossary

This new feature of the newsletter looks at some of the words and catch phrases of the AIF community and attempts to define them (or lets face it, sometimes they just make them up). You may never see any of these in Webster's but you've probably heard most of them from time to time.

Jun-07 PDF TXT
Jul-07 PDF TXT
Aug-07 PDF TXT
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