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Mission Statement

Inside Erin is written and published by people who enjoy AIF. It is done for fun, but we also have some goals that we seek to achieve through the newsletter:

1. To encourage the production of more quality AIF games by providing advice from game developers, and by offering constructive criticism that is specifically relevant to AIF.

2. To encourage activity and growth in the AIF community. We aim to generate a constant level of activity so that there aren’t long periods in which people can lose interest in AIF.

3. To help document and organize the AIF community. This is done through reporting on games and events, as well as by helping to organize community-wide activities such as competitions and the Erin Awards.

Other places you might like to visit
AIF Newsletter Feel free to use this banner any time you want to add us to your list of links.
The Erin Awards
The home of the Erins awards.  Here you can check the results and read the ceremony transcript and also link to past years.
BBBen? Yes! The home page of Our own BBBen, writer of the Crossworlds series. Have you played yet?
Christopher Cole's AIF One of AIF most prolific writers, he could write mainstream but simply doesn't want to.
A. Bomire's AIF World A. Bomire is a prominent AIF author, and his site also hosts a variety of features, including his 2004 mini-comp.
Purple Dragon's Lair On Purple Dragon's site you can find his games as well as some stories and other things he has written
AIF Xtrek Newsgroup is, traditionally, the most important AIF forum. It is primarily for the discussion of AIF theory and issues. This link requires a Google membership but you can view it with any news group reader.
AIF Community Portal at This new site contains news, forums, downloads, reviews and more. It is intended to become the new all-inclusive AIF portal.
O Erin!
"O Erin!", the AIF comic strip.  Web site and artwork by -3-.
A Ninny's Master List This new list that A. Ninny has put together is a catalogue of all the AIF games ever made, and where to find them. It is a very useful tool for anyone interested in AIF. Our parent site, created by Matrix Mole to house just about everything AIF related.
The AIF Portal The old AIF portal, not updated much since January, 2004. Here you can find reviews for all kinds of IF games (over 1100 at last count).  Obviously this is not an AIF only site but it does contain the complete library of games and accepts reviews for them as well as any other.
Adrift This is the ADRIFT site, though they do not seem to have the 3.9 runner still available for download. If you want to get it, Matrix Mole's site has it.
The Adrift Yahoo! Group The Yahoo! group to discuss and receive the latest version on Adrift 4.0. A Yahoo membership is required.
Yahoo! AIF Archive This Yahoo! group has an active forum it is a great place to get new games and help playing them. A Yahoo membership is required.
Yahoo! AIF Archive2 This is second group was created as an overflow for the first AIF archive, there is not an active forum. A Yahoo membership is required.
One-Eyed Jack's AIF Emporium The home of the "Sam Shooter" series which has won several of the 2003 Erins
Sir Gareth's Site A site Maintained by Sir Gareth to be a resource for AIF writers, it is a good place to check out for improving your writing skills.
AIF Newsletter@Yahoo This Yahoo! group is a backup for this site. A Yahoo membership is required. If we are down check here.
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